Occupy. We Are the 99.

"Occupy (We Are the 99)"

Sung by legendary bluesman Bill Blue, this song is about the grass-roots worldwide movement that points out the vast inequality in the distribution of wealth, where less than 1% of the people own 95% of all the money, real estate and businesses in the world, a threat to the global movement for Democracy and equal justice for all people. The movement is leaderless and has no political platform.

This song was written and recorded with no money changing hands. All the musicians, singers and sound engineers donated their time and talents to make this song possible. It is, and always will be, free to anybody who wants to download it and use it.

The song is easy to play – it is in the key of G, and there are only 5 chords in the entire song. It ends with a long drum circle. I encourage you to learn it and play it live at events that bring this important message to the attention of the world.

For a free copy of the lead sheet, with the lyrics and chords, click here: