The Asheville Suite by Bill Lorraine, Charlotte Civic Orchestra, Dr. Geoffrey Whitehead Conducting, Janice Bradner, Piano.
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BIll And Geoffrey
Flute and Music
Cellos And Violins

Asheville Suite

Movement 1.

"Into the Deep Woods" is about an adventurous walk through the mighty forest that surrounds Asheville, off the beaten path. Suddenly the walker comes upon a breathtakingly beautiful spot, and he stops to take a closer look. It is a scene so remote, so away from civilization, it had never been seen before by anyone until this moment. The English Horn melody captures this mood.

Movement 2.

"Thomas Wolfe," looks at Asheville and its important place in history. Thomas Wolfe is North Carolina’s most respected homegrown author. His novel "Look Homeward, Angel" is set in Asheville, Thomas Wolfe’s hometown, where today, angels decorate the sidewalks and public parks. This music brings back fond memories of the composer’s visits to this enchanting city through the 1950s and 60s.

Movement 3.

Romanza," is about the idea of Asheville as a romantic place, a place to propose marriage, to visit to revitalize a relationship, a place to walk hand-in-hand under tall trees. Today, Asheville is a vibrant art colony, with great restaurants, historic upscale hotels, the Biltmore Mansion and the great vibe of a genuine art colony. It has also come to represent something special for many people - a romantic place, high in the mountains, among historic buildings and stimulating people, with long traditions in music and art. The piano introduces the big romantic melody of this movement. .