Music CDs by Bill Lorraine

"Rapture of the Deep"

Rapture of the Deep is Bill Lorraine's most recent CD. The Performance of "Rapture of the Deep" was recorded on a Yamaha Grand piano aboard the Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas. Composer-pianist Bill Lorraine plays four of his best piano solo pieces – Barcelona,Rapture of the Deep,The Garden of Eden and Living in the Passion of Love and 8 original songs.
Every summer for the past 10 years I have had a 'Working Vacation' where I perform as the solo piano player for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines. Much of the music you will hear on this CD was inspired by the many exotic places I have visited. Bill Lorraine, composer.
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"CIty of No Regrets"

CIty of No Regrets is the Bill Lorraine's most recent CD for band and vocalists.
Key West native Eddie Castillo sings "The City of No Regrets" a gospel song about heaven. This song is played at many memorial services for departed loved ones in Key West.
Jamaica’s Jah Children band collaborated with Bill Lorraine’s Key West Band to create a song about the hypocrisy surrounding drugs - "It’s the Crack That’s Evil, Not the Ganja"
New, never-heard-before rock song, sung by Wayne Kramer, the MC5’s legendary guitar player, . "All Along the Border" addresses one of the most pressing issues of today – homelessness in America.
18 minute runtime.
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"Bill Lorraine, Piano Music"

On this CD, pianist Bill Lorraine brings his signature style to some of his favorite and most requested melodies - "Memory" from "Cats,""Love Story," "When Sunny Gets Blue" among other pop songs, show tunes and standards. Two of his best original songs are included, "Living in the Passion of Love" and "Rapture of the Deep." Lorraine has been a piano soloist for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for the past ten years.
35 minute runtime.
Physical CD. $9.99 USD.
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Key West Island Fantasy"

Country singer Clark Whitt sings a country song by Bill Lorraine.
"Drug Money Cadillac" pokes fun at the newly-rich, obvious, drug smuggling Conch Republicans of the 1970’s and 1980’s in Key West.

Key West singing icon Cliff Sawyer sang this blues song, "The Frangipani Blues" at one of the first recording studios in Key West, in the late 1970’s. The fragrant Frangipani tree flowers in the summertime all around the island of Key West, with pink, red, white and yellow flowers.

Michael McCloud sings "Key West Needs the Captain," the campaign fight song that help elect Captain Tony Tarracino Mayor of Key West. "Key West Island Fantasy" was the official song for Fantasy Fest, 1988. "Hurricane" is the story of the 1935 storm that blew the railroad bridges down in the Florida Keys. 37 minute run time.

Physical CD $9.99 USD.
Shipping $5.40 USPS.

"Everytime I Feel You More"

British singing sensation Lynsey Simon has a long and impressive career as a singer on British television and theater. She is now a regular attaction on the best cruise ships sailing in Europe. She sings "Every Time I Feel You More," a romantic song about a love affair that takes place in Rome.


This original piano piece evokes the impressionistic images of a tropical summer rainstorm in Key West. It contains several lyric melodies, repeated in many moods and variations.
World-renowned classical pianist Jeffrey Chappell recorded Bill Lorraine’s most lyric composition, “Rain.


"Fanfare to the Sun"

"Fanfare to the Sun" is written as a primal blast of soaring music to celebrate the setting sun. This worship of the sun is nowhere more prevalent than in Key West, where thousands of people gather every evening at Mallory Square to observe the sun sinking into the ocean. Scored for Trumpet, French Horn, three Trombones, Tuba and Timpani. Brass and percussion players from the esteemed Key West Symphony Orchestra play Bill
Lorraine’s composition “Fanfare to the Sun"

"A Key West Kind of Christmas"

Young singing sensation Lina Robles sang this new Christmas song about the wonderful difference between Christmas in the warm tropics and Christmas everywhere else in the cold wintertime.


"Sister City"

Two hundred years ago, about 500 families moved from Green Turtle Key in the Bahamas to Key West, Florida. Some even brought with them their Victorian-style houses and rebuilt them in Key West! In 1980 the two cities officially became "Sister Cities." This song celebrates the ancestral connection between the people of the two islands.

The Bill Lorraine Singers

This ensemble of the best singers in Key West sang this choral composition, “Sister City." The song is about the real “Sister City” status between Green Turtle Key in the Bahamas and the city of Key West. Many of the most prominent Key West families migrated to Key West from the Bahamas in the 1800’s, and their ancestors live in Key West today.
6 minute run time



Bill Lorraine

My home town of Key West is a lot like every other American town of 30,000 population. The differences begin with the palm trees, the unusual abundance of flowers, and the tropical weather. But the biggest difference is the boundry line that forms a circle around the outskirts of our city. Most Americans can hop in their cars and drive into the country, but the ocean surrounds Key West, and the town takes up all the land area. Only a thin string of sandbars and mangrove islands connect it to the mainland 160 miles away.

Before Henry Flagler extended his Florida East Coast Railroad to Key West in 1912, the only way to get to the island was by boat. So the history of Key West is the history of people who had a strong connection to the ocean. Books on Key West's history talk about the wreckers, the spongers, the pirates, the Navy, the shrimpers and the boatbuilders. Many of the first residents were ship's carpenters who built their homes with highly elevated vantage points call "widow's walks" which gave them an unobstructed view of the ocean. In their travels they brought back exotic tropical plant life from all parts of the world - flowering trees, orchids, coconut palms, mahogany, Queen's umbrella trees, and flowers that bloomed all year long like Hibiscus and Bougainvilla.

Key West is located beside a natural coral reef that breaks the ocean's waves six miles out, giving Key Westers calm beaches and crystal-clear water at the shoreline.